Learning Programmes

The educational approach at GIIS is unique. Rather than structuring the learning around a strict curriculum, our educators focus on trying to create learning experiences that prepare students to be happy, balanced, productive, and innovative citizens of tomorrow.

To assist with that, GIIS has implemented specialised programmes across its campuses that put information, technology, and assessment resources in the hands of students and teachers alike.

Microsoft IT Academy Programme

With technology being one of the most important skill sets in contemporary society, GIIS offers the Microsoft IT Academy to give students the leading edge in technology learning. This programme provides certified IT training, vital for students entering the modern ecosystem, enabling them to work with the latest Microsoft software in a hands-on manner, and learning everything they need to not only work more effectively and productively, but also to develop high-level programming skills.

STEM-Enabled Classrooms

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education is carefully infused throughout the GIIS curriculum with the goal of providing our students with a deeper understanding of important concepts in each area, through exciting hands-on learning. We work hard to bring innovation into the classroom through our STEM-enabled coursework, to help develop your child into the gifted visionary of tomorrow.

Encyclopedia Britannica Partnership

At GIIS, our aim is to provide students with as much access to quality information as possible, to supplement their educational experience on campus. To this end, GIIS has partnered with Encyclopedia Britannica Inc. to provide teachers and students with access to 45 volumes of the Britannica Series, along with 11 CDs and 34 ebooks. With this agreement, students also have access to 2.5 million images through Image Quest, adding a dynamic component to the project-based learning model employed by our teachers.

Detailed Assessment (DA)

In order to provide the best level of instruction to each student, building on their strengths and weaknesses, GIIS uses a detailed assessment (DA) model to keep teachers, administration, and parents aware of each student's progress. This topic-wise diagnostic tool assesses the level of understanding and knowledge of the student in specific subjects and areas, allowing teachers to educate and test proactively, rather than reactively, to drive successful outcomes.


HeyMath! is a pioneering initiative that helps students to hone logical thinking and problem solving skills. A world-class e-learning programme for Mathematics, HeyMath! is used by over 500,000 students and 4,000 teachers in over 50 countries. GIIS has partnered with HeyMath! to bring this coveted programme to students from classes 1 to 8, in efforts to familiarise them with the joy of learning math and hone their mathematical skills from an early age. Through ‘HeyMath!’, our focus has been on self-learning mechanisms for students though the e-learning module, e-worksheets for additional reinforcement, and e-assessments for diagnostic testing and identifying learning outcomes.

These specialised programmes are just a small example of the calibre of innovative thinking that we bring into the educational process for all of our students. Learn more with a tour of your closest GIIS campus, as you consider the best approach to your child’s education.