Global Montessori Plus (GMP)

The Global Montessori Plus (GMP) programme at the Global Indian International School (GIIS) blends high-quality in-house teaching techniques with the philosophy of world-renowned educator, Maria Montessori, in order to help young children reach their fullest social, emotional, and intellectual potential. GMP recognises the uniqueness of each child and enables children to reach their fullest potential in an age-appropriate learning environment.

Healthy childhood development depends largely on two factors during the formative years: an environment which encourages active learning and a well-rounded education. GMP combines these two elements into one comprehensive programme aimed at preparing students for higher education as well as facilitating their entry into future school and societal environments.

GMP students are ensured of meeting their developmental milestones in an invigorating and stimulating learning environment, which:

Provides a safe, warm and accepting environment in which each child feels secure, respected and loved

Stimulates physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of the whole child

Encourages creativity and a positive self-image

Provides a framework of discipline

Encourages a love of learning

The GMP Curriculum

GMP uses experience-based learning approaches to guide students through an extensive yet nurturing and age-appropriate curriculum based on five pillars of development, comprising:

Practical Life

Sensorial Activities



Cultural Activities

The adoption of a dynamic, hands-on approach to teaching young learners encourages active participation and creativity, while guided active play and interaction cultivate social skills and help young learners develop important mental capabilities, such as spatial awareness and critical thinking.

About "The Plus", GMP's compelling value proposition lies in its customisation of Maria Montessori's method through the integration of original theory and contemporary research and insights. In fusing the fundamentals of formal learning with the latest innovative learning tools, our methodology offers unique and unprecedented growth and development opportunities for our students.

Laying the Foundation

Other differentiating GMP components include:

The Excelerate Programme

Multi-faceted Learning

The iCare Programme

Value-based Learning

Play and Learn

Oratory Skill Development

Through its targeted programming, the GMP not only fosters the development of cognitive, expressive, and motor skills, but also a sense of social responsibility, cultural awareness, and environmental consciousness -- all key components of our holistic pedagogy.