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Opportunities for learning are abound at GIIS. But our commitment to educating tomorrow’s leaders and innovators goes beyond academics. The learning process at GIIS comprises the following inputs and outcomes:.


At GIIS, we offer four different curricula in acknowledgment of our belief that different students have different needs. They include: Global Montessori Plus (GMP), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP).

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Holistic Education

Our signature Nine Gems framework guides everything we do at GIIS towards one common goal: the cultivation of happy, balanced, and “whole” learners. This holistic approach to learning meets students where they are, acknowledges ongoing growth, and empowers them to take on leadership roles both within and outside the classroom.

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Technology in Education

Technology is the 21st century imperative, both in terms of enriching the learning experience and preparing students for further studies and eventual careers. We use a breadth and depth of technology at GIIS, including software-enabled labs, a digital library, e-content and the myGIIS ERP, to facilitate learning while keeping teachers, students and parents connected and collaborating.

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Learning Programmes

As a supplement to our curricula, specialised programming creates new learning opportunities. The Microsoft IT Academy Programme, STEM­-Enabled Classrooms, Encyclopedia Britannica Partnership, Detailed Assessment (DA), HeyMath! and many others vastly enrich the educational experience while nurturing innovative thinking.

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Life at GIIS

Creating well-rounded students is an important part of the GIIS educational experience. House competitions foster healthy competition while teaching students important skills, such as teamwork and self-sufficiency. Extracurriculars, co-curriculars, and initiatives aimed at encouraging innovation are all part of the comprehensive GIIS pedagogy..

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We assess students across a comprehensive range of factors in order to meet individual needs while ensuring optimal growth and development. These include our innovative in-house predictive 7-S methodology, a "Happiness Index," and CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Education) models.

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High Achievers

GIIS students are encouraged to reach their full potential across academic, extracurricular, and co-curricular aspects. Students routinely receive awards and acclaim for their academic performance and exemplary test scores, athletic achievements, and commitment to environmental conservation and green living.

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A legacy of extraordinary placements attests to the strength of our programmes. GIIS students consistently earn top marks on CBSE, Cambridge IGCSE, and the IB Diploma Programme examinations. These scores, combined with our rigourous academic curricula and strategic career counseling, result in outstanding placements at the world’s leading universities.

Not only are our students primed for admission to these prestigious institutions, but they’re uniquely positioned for success once they get there.

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