Proprietary Activities

GIIS takes a hands-on approach to learning, giving our students a variety of activities to participate in, that embrace the learning goals of the school as a whole. From the academic quiz competition to the creative stage workshops, our proprietary activities and events across campuses help keep students engaged and excited about education, while providing teachers and administration with the resources to use for evaluating student performance.

These proprietary activities provide students with the chance to compete with one another, building excitement and engagement to ensure optimal learning at every stage.

GIIS Real World Challenges Convention

The GIIS Real World Challenges Convention (RWCC) encourages students to participate in activities that are aimed to help them achieve global excellence. This competition brings together students from multiple campuses as they tackle a real-world problem. Whether addressing the need to use water more efficiently or the desire to learn ways to solve pertinent problems, GIIS students showcase their abilities in multiple venues, including writing compelling essays, creating stunning art displays, and preparing Quality Circle presentations. This is an exciting time for GIIS students as they experience their academic work having significant real-world applications.

GIIS Jhankaar Dance Competition and Global Indian Stars

The GIIS Jhankaar dance competition gives our students the opportunity to explore different genres of dance and music, from classical to contemporary styles. Students compete with each other demonstrating versatile dancing talents and are judged by notable industry professionals.

Musical talent in children has always been strongly encouraged at GIIS. What began as the Global Indian Idol evolved into the Global Indian Stars, providing a platform for students to showcase their innate singing abilities and compete with each other to deliver mesmerising performances.

Academic Quiz Competition

What's more exciting than the chance to compete for fame and accolades? The GIIS HiQ Inter-School Science Quiz Competition, a popular academic quiz that allows the top GIIS students to showcase their knowledge as they compete for trophies, certificates and accolades for their campuses. The entire student body from each campus cheers on their champion in these exciting academic competitions.

GIIS Weave-A-Tale Competition

Students from across all GIIS campuses let their imaginations as well as their writing and public speaking abilities soar in the GIIS Weave-A-Tale Competition. During this particular event, students invite their campus mates to come on magical journeys with themselves, as they weave dramatic stories that go far above and beyond mere folklore and fairytales.

GIIS Spell-O-Well Competition

Spell-O-Well is more than "just" a spelling bee, although at its heart it is a spelling competition. Students at GIIS campuses compete fiercely in their determination to showcase their spelling abilities. The Spell-O-Well competition provides teachers with a way to promote proper spelling instructions in the classroom while capitalizing on student excitement outside of it.

GIIS Creative Stage Workshop

Dramatic arts is an important part of the school curriculum, and the GIIS Creative Stage Workshop provides a showcase for the hard work that students put in to learning how to perform. This five-day workshop, held in the summer months, ends with a gala stage performance. Our students embrace this performance with a keen interest in performing well and showcasing what they have learned.

These are just some examples of the types of proprietary activities that our students enjoy across GIIS campuses. To learn more about specific activities at GIIS, contact us to discuss a tour of our campus.