The myGIIS Edu ERP has been an invaluable tool for parents, teachers and our students to stay connected. We are committed to using best-of-breed technologies to improve the educational experience we provide. With the introduction of the myGIIS app, students and parents can now seamlessly access their myGIIS account anytime they wish, on their mobile and tablet platforms as well.


Educational Resources at Your Fingertips


GIIS’ Edu ERP provides parents with all of the tools they need to monitor and track their child’s educational progress.

With the app, parents can communicate with teachers, track their child’s progress (get instant results on their activities and exams), analyse performance, understand learning outcomes, see attendance data, read announcements, check tuition payments and much more. Some of the core features within our Edu ERP include:

  • Interactive Dashboard - Provides an overview of all important information and updates.
  • Student Information - Provides information about the student’s academic progress at a glance.
  • Announcements/News - Gives up-to-date announcement information about the latest activities and events
  • Access Academic Documents - Shows the student's latest work.
  • Fee Status - Keeps parents informed about their tuition payments.
  • Messaging System - Initiates communication between parents, teachers, staff and the principal.
  • Academic Calendar - Conveys important dates and assignments.
  • Gallery - Displays images from the latest events across various GIIS campuses.
  • Compliments and Achievements - Showcases compliments posted by parents and achievements by students across GIIS campuses worldwide.

Homework, calendar events, attendance records, feedback and school news are all included in the dashboard, so parents have complete access to all vital information to track their child’s progress whenever they need. The platform even has SMS features to allow better communication between the school and parents.

Providing a Platform for Collaboration

With the addition of myGIIS to the GIIS program -- parents, teachers, students and staff have a centralised channel through which they can better collaborate to ensure every student’s success. Parents can provide feedback through the portal, and teachers can share instant information about behaviour and achievement. Students know what their parents and teachers are seeing and saying, so they are motivated to work harder and achieve further. Staff members can keep everyone well informed about potential changes to the schedule and share announcements that need to be made.