Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values (MGCUV)

The Global Indian Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values (MGCUV) is committed to instilling strong virtues and peaceful living into our students through the experiences and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. We believe our values and beliefs are of significance in the current climate across the world.

Through specific initiatives built into our curriculum, we are able to embrace projects and educational practices that encourage students to live in the spirit of understanding, peace and racial harmony. Our goal is to create well-balanced global citizens who are ambassadors of peace throughout the globe. This is accomplished through our initiatives: peace curriculum, green curriculum and community involvement.

Peace Curriculum: Teach Students to Embrace Peaceful Living

To inspire students to follow the tenets and life of Mahatma Gandhi, MGCUV utilizes a unique Peace Curriculum, which encourages students to participate in collaborative activities that spur holistic development with a focus on peaceful living. All activities, both in and out of the classroom, enforce the principles of peaceful living. From performing random acts of kindness to embracing tolerance for all genders and cultures, the Peace Curriculum encourages peace in every aspect of life.

Green Curriculum: Create Caring Global Citizens

Living at peace with the world also involves peace with nature. MGCUV's Green Curriculum encourages students to love and care for the environment and make the world a more beautiful place to live. Activities in the curriculum may include recycling drives, Earth Day programs, youth environment days and tree or garden planting projects.

Community Integration: Teach the Love of Service

Students at MGCUV participate in a variety of community service activities, both on the school campus and around the local community. Whether picking up waste and recycling within the community or spending time working the school garden, Community Integration teaches our students to value service and their environs in equal measure. The end goal is to create young people who are ready to step up and improve the world around them.

At MGCUV, our students are taught in a way that supports traditional values while helping students enhance their scholastic aptitude and individual talents. By embracing Indian philosophy and our unique curriculum, coupled with co-scholastic activities that encourage community involvement, students are given an education that develops a well-rounded individual.

Learn more about our curriculum today, or schedule a tour of our campus to see our students in action, and you will see the difference that MGCUV's core values can drive in your child.