Global Centre for Education Excellence (GCEE)

Since its inception, Global Indian International School (GIIS) has worked to provide quality education to its students, with the cultural ideology of "Schools That Learn." Under this philosophy, GIIS has created a learning environment where teachers and students are equal partners in the process of learning.

In April of 2008, GIIS instituted the Global Centre for Education Excellence (GCEE), which had the objective of undertaking continuous enhancement and improvement in academic and non-academic processes. Under the leadership of late Mr. B.G. Shenoy, GCEE strives to monitor, analyse and improve learning and teaching of students and teachers across GIIS campuses.

7S Analysis

Developed by GCEE, the 7S Analysis tool provides in-depth and continuous assessment of the performance of students throughout GIIS campuses. This comprehensive performance indicator and improvement tool enables teachers to identify student strengths and weaknesses, providing timely and adequate support.

This, in turn, improves results and brings consistency to student performance across academics, sports and performing arts.

Quality Circles

Through Quality Circles, students and teachers meet regularly in small groups to analyse critical problems and find solutions that will improve functional abilities for all involved. The students then use charts and diagrams to track their work and efforts to identify those solutions that work, bringing a culture of quality to GIIS.

The Quality Circles model has worked so well that GIIS students and teachers have taken the model to real world issues. In 2015, two Quality Circle teams from GIIS campuses participated in the Team Excellence Competition at the Asia Pacific Quality Convention, and were noted to have performed admirably well.

Award Winning Results

With the help of GCEE, GIIS has won over 100 international and national awards for excellence in education and performance. Some of these include:

  • 2012 Singapore Quality Class Star Award
  • 2013 Golden Peacock HR Excellence Award
  • 2013 Asia Global Performance Excellence Award
  • 2014 Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award
  • 2014 Indian Merchants Chamber Ramakrishna Bajaj National Quality Award
  • 2015 Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award
  • 2016 Elets - World Education Award for Impelling Innovations in Teaching Pedagogy
  • 2016 Golden Peacock Innovative Product / Service Award
  • 2017 APQO - Global Performance Excellence Award - World Class Educational Organisation
  • 2017 APQO - 3 Stars Awarded for Quality Circle
  • Golden Peacock Innovation Management Award 2017 - IOD
  • 2018 APQO - Global Performance Excellence Award - Best In Class


GCEE is just one example of ways in which GIIS campuses are focusing on creating "Schools that Learn." If you want to give your children a forward-facing, innovative education with a strong commitment to quality, consider enrolling them with us.