Global Knowledge Exchange

With 21 campuses across 7 countries, Global Knowledge Exchange offers a unique approach that will introduce students to cultures and educational practices from across the world. In every subject, from maths and sciences to etiquette and even physical education, our students are able to grow into tomorrow's global citizens through an effective, international approach to education.


Cross-Campus Teaching


At Global Knowledge Exchange, our students are regularly involved in cross-campus teaching programs through virtual interactions. We bring together students from two or more campuses into single group, diverse in cultural backgrounds, learning methods and locations. This exchange programme allows a teacher from one campus to deliver lessons virtually to students in other campuses, giving them access to the best possible education.

For example, students of the Singapore and Surat campuses may come together in a video conference to discuss water conservation methods in their different areas, or students from three campuses will share ideas for Earth Day projects, learning how to adapt activities for the unique needs of a specific geographic area. Students may also take overseas learning journeys to explore other cultures in person, making this a truly immersive experience. This platform is also used to conduct inter-GIIS competitions that allows students to compete and learn from one another.

Global Learning and Innovation Management System


The Global Student Exchange's Global Learning and Innovation Management System (GLIMS) records student and teacher activities. This data is used to analyze learning patterns and create uniquely effective study methods. Teachers can share lesson plans and activities across campuses through a bank of learning ideas. This innovative portal gives teachers a flexible school workflow management system that identifies patterns and helps them pursue excellence through the power of peer-to-peer collaborative learning.

At Global Knowledge Exchange, our goal is to provide students the opportunity to learn and develop in an environment where they interact on a regular basis with students in other campuses, while teachers have the opportunity to share ideas, innovations and best practices.

This helps our students be fully prepared for life in a global society alongside gaining an appreciation and understanding of their peers from other cultures and backgrounds.



Micro-teaching is a training technique that helps teachers improve their skills. Our teachers share lesson plans, create modules with input from others and plan projects in a collaborative manner while connecting with teachers across other campuses.