Guiding Principles

GIIS’ Vision

Our vision is to become a global role model for teaching and learning.

Our Mission

Our mission statement supports this vision while also conveying how we plan to realize it:

We nurture our global students into men and women, who will be leaders of distinction, committed to spirit of excellence, through high quality education imparted by globally experienced and caring teachers building strong virtues and values while focusing on all round development, creativity and entrepreneurship.

Core Values

To that end, several core values infuse everything we do at GIIS:

  • Manage with Information and Metrics
  • Agility and Adaptability
  • Honesty, Integrity and Ethical Practices
  • Attitude before Knowledge
  • Teamwork
  • Mentor, Coach and Make a Difference
  • Ambience for Learning

It’s no coincidence that GIIS is home to the Global Indian Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Universal Values. With a presence on GIIS campuses worldwide, the MGCUV not only gives our students valuable insights into the experiences and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, but also serves as an institutional lodestar in terms of the values and beliefs it reinforces, and their relevance to the world in which we live.

GIIS core education system has created a holistic learning environment for my children.

Ms Aarathi Rengarajan Mother of Hiranmayi Parthasarathy, GIIS Singapore Campus

The engagement and active participation in the learning process at GIIS motivated me.

Amitesh Sivaraman IB World Topper 2016, Perfect scorer (45/45 points), GIIS Queenstown Campus

The cohesive learning environment at GIIS boosted my confidence and shaped the person I am today.

Anushka Gaikwad Scored 98.2% in the CBSE Class 12 Final Exams

The school’s emphasis on fair competition and recognizing talent has instilled confidence in my son to excel.

Mr Hisato Yuto Parent of Taiju Yuto (Class 2), GIIS Queenstown Campus

At GIIS, my son has grown his confidence and feels a sense of belonging.

Julie Maria Parent of Sai Emmanuel Sathiyanarayan (Class K2), GIIS Balestier Campus

Thanks to teachers of Global Montessori Plus, my son has blossomed into a confident child with excellent social and learning skills.

Ms Lavanya Lakshmanan Parent of Shiv Banerjee (Class 1), GIIS East Coast Campus

GIIS has established a great community for my children’s development.

Ms Olga Todt Mother of Nikita Todi, Class 6, CBSE-i and Kristian Todi, Class 7, CBSE-i, Singapore

Teachers at GIIS always go the extra mile to ensure no student is left behind.

Prithvi Boggavaram GIIS’ IB Graduate 2015, Near-perfect Score (44/45 points)

Consistency is key and planning long term goals is very important to achieve success.

Rasika Kale IB World Topper 2016, Perfect scorer (45/45 points), GIIS Queenstown Campus

Guidance and encouragement from teachers at GIIS has made schooling an enjoyable experience for my daughter.

Ms Suryasikha Patel Parent of Sanhita Mitra (Class 1), GIIS Balestier Campus


Quality Policy

We recognize that our vision is meaningless without a supporting framework. Because of this, we have implemented a number of measures aimed at keeping us on track while enhancing student learning.

These include:

  1. Adherence to a Quality Management System
  2. Sharing of best practices
  3. Actionable feedback based on stakeholder satisfaction surveys

Together, these add up to a viable and actionable system of checks and balances which keep both our vision and mission firmly in sight.

Quality Objectives

Our Quality Objectives work in tandem with our Quality Policy to ensure the following:

  1. Compliance to our Quality Management System
  2. Learning at all levels
  3. Stakeholder satisfaction
  4. Adherence to our values

As GIIS continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of today’s diverse student body as well as the global challenges ahead, one thing will remain the same: Our guiding principles.

Our vision, mission, core values, quality policy, and quality objectives have sustained us over the past decade and will continue to do so as we get closer to our vision of becoming an international standard for learning.