Building Personalities. Shaping Winners.
GIIS' Nine Gems™ is a holistic approach to nurturing a child's personality through nine key focus areas
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Congratulations to our IB graduates on their outstanding results!
GIIS student Kaustav Das joins the league of IB Diploma world toppers 2014 with a perfect score of 45/45.
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22 GIIS students achieve IB scores of 40 & above in 2014
Another year of outstanding results for GIIS' IB Diploma graduates.
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76% GIIS students scored 80% & above
GIIS CBSE Class 12 students showcase academic prowess in 2014.
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Outstanding School Average of 86.1%
The school produced exceptional results in the 2014 CBSE Class 12 exams, once again.
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Exceptional Average School GPA of 9.1
48% students score CGPA 9.5 & above in CBSE Class 10 results 2014.
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  GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship

Global Schools Foundation - headquartered in Singapore - offers the GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship to deserving candidates as a stepping stone for future growth by providing them an unparalleled learning experience at its flagship campus in Queenstown, Singapore.

Instituted in 2008 to offer the best academic and career prospects to meritorious students from around the world, the GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship programme has become a benchmark of the finest among its kind.

The "No bond attached" GIIS Global Citizen Scholarship is offered to Class 10 academic toppers from around the world to study Junior College (11th and 12th) in either CBSE or IB Diploma at GIIS Queenstown Campus in Singapore.

The scholarship amount is S$ 90,000* per student, which includes tuition fees, boarding, lodging and travel expenses for the two-year scholarship programme.

The scholarship amount includes a onetime return airfare & visa fee, tuition fee, and boarding & lodging at the hostel, one-time settling allowance and pocket allowance per month for daily expenses.

   Global Indian International School (GIIS)

Instituted with the mission of providing quality education, Global Indian International School (GIIS) made its humble beginning in 2002. Over the years, as the school widened its presence across Asia, it strengthened its base in Singapore with three sprawling campuses in Queenstown, East Coast and Balestier.

Today, GIIS is recognised for its hallmark initiatives in educational excellence, environment conservation, peace and value-based education, and community integration. Our students receive wide exposure through participation in various school activities and external programmes, providing fruitful opportunities for learning and overall personality development.

Providing an entire spectrum of K-12 education, GIIS offers Indian and international curricula including International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Cambridge IGCSE, CBSE, and Global Montessori Plus programme..

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