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  GIIS Chinchwad, Pune: FAQs

Questions Related to New School at Chinchwad

Q1. Where is GIIS – Chinchwad located? Can we get the contact details?

The school is located at Elpro Compound , Chinchwad, phone nos: 020 – 32946600/ 32948800

Q2. How big is the School? What all Facilities does it Offers?

The School will be approx 200,000 sq ft in phases with state-of-the art facilities and playground and indoor sports.

Q3. What is the benefit of GIIS over the local schools?

GIIS School at Chinchwad has the following benefits - International standards, Education Excellence , part of Asia’s largest Awarded school network, Presence in 8 countries, Smooth and hassle free transfers to our schools abroad, Eminent Presidium of patrons and advisors, Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Thoughts and Values

Q4. Is the School Building Ready?

The school building shall be ready by June 2011.

Q5. Till which Standard will the new School be ?

Initially Nursery to Grade 7, eventually upto Grade 12

Q6. My child (from Pimpri School) was to go to Standard 9 what should he/she do ?

The new School will initially be till Grade 7 and then eventually open till Grade 12. We will be in a position to admit him/her back once the higher Grades open

Q7. When will the fresh Admissions start?

Admissions have started from 10th February 2011 onwards.

Q8. What is the Admission Criteria?

Please visit the admission office in school

Q9. Will there be any Aptitude Test for existing GIIS students who join or transfer to this School ?

No, as a rule, we do not take Aptitude Test for transfer cases within GIIS schools.

Q10. When will the Academic Session start?

June 2011.

Q11. Can my child join the Mid-Session?

Yes. Students can join at any time in our schools. Smooth transition from one school to another is one of our key advantages.

Q12. What will be the School- timings?

Usually 9am to 1pm Pre-primary, 9am to 3.30pm grade 1-7. But exact timings will be announced at the time of start of Academic Session in June 2011.

Q13. What is the minimum age for admission to Nursery standard?

2.5 years completed on May 31, 2011.

Q14. When will the School vacations be?

School vacations will be coinciding with local holiday patterns.

Q15. What will be the Curriculum/Board offered?

Initially CBSE shall be offered.

Q16. What is the medium of instruction?


Q17. Do you provide transport facilities?


Q18. What will be the student-teacher ratio?

The Student –Teacher ratio will be such that each child gets adequate personalized attention

Questions related to Key Members of the Chinchwad School

Q1. Who is the Principal / VP of new GIIS School?

Mrs.Ramanjit Ghuman.

Q2. How can we meet them?

The Principal can be met at the Admission Office now open at Elpro Compound Chinchwad.

Questions related to Fees of the Chinchwad School

Q1. How much is the total annual fee?
For all fee details please contact the admissions office

Q2. What is the breakup of the annual fee?

For all fee details please contact the admissions office .

Q3. What will be the transfer fees for the existing students?

For all fee details please contact the admissions office .


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